14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India, starting with a shared Room for 1 person under 1450 dollars and 1650 dollar Room

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India


Ayurveda is based on the five elements of Earth, Ether, Air, Fire, and Water, and uses these elements as the basis of the 3 Constitutions or “Doshas”.

There are three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) which form the life energy behind all of our bodily functions. The main objective of Ayurveda is to restore the original state of equilibrium between the doshas. Panchakarma is one of the treatment modalities in Ayurveda to achieve the same.

Munkudil offers the best panchakarma treatment in the best way in the midst of nature.



100% deposit refund 30+ days before retreat start date

14 days / 13 nights


Ayurveda Yoga
Skill Level
Beginner, Intermediate

Private Single room (AC)
People in Package 2, 13 night 14 Day Yoga Retreats in Varkala, Kerala 2,650 USD

Private Single room (AC)
Nidrayog Foundation People in Package (2) 13 night 14 Day Yoga Retreats in Varkala, Kerala 2,650 USD

Shared twin room
 People in Package 1, 13 night 14 Day Yoga Retreats in Varkala, Kerala 1,150 USD

Private Single room (AC)
People in Package 1, 13-night, 14-day yoga retreats in Varkala, Kerala, 1,450 USD

Availability for this package

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India
14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India
14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India
14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India
14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India
14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India
14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

Address : Nidra yoga School Chempakam Building, Oposit exp hostel Helipad Road, varkala trivandrum kerala india 695141.

If you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga retreat in Varkala Kerala India a beautiful location, look no further than Varkala, Kerala, India. Varkala is a coastal town in the south of India, known for its stunning cliffs, pristine beaches, and natural springs. It is also a popular destination for yoga enthusiasts, as it offers a variety of yoga styles and teachers to suit your needs and preferences.

In this 14-day yoga retreat In Varkala, Kerala, India, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, while enjoying the scenic views and the warm hospitality of Varkala, Kerala, India. You will stay in a comfortable and cozy accommodation, with delicious vegetarian meals prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. You will also have access to a swimming pool, a spa, and a library, as well as free Wi-Fi and laundry service.

Each day, you will have two yoga sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, led by Nidra Yoga School’s experienced and certified instructors. You will learn the basics of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods, as well as explore more advanced aspects of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and ethics. You will also have daily meditation sessions, where you will learn how to calm your mind and connect with your inner self.

Highlights 14 Days Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala India

  • 14 days of activities
  • Daily Ayurveda panchakarma treatments or massages
  • Doctor consultation and medication
  • Yoga, philosophy, and meditation sessions
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Daily meals

14 Days Yoga Retreat in VARKALA KERALA INDIA

In addition to yoga and meditation, you will also have the chance to experience the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, which is based on the balance of the five elements in the body. You will have a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor, who will determine your body type and prescribe you a personalized treatment plan. You will also receive massages, herbal therapies, and detoxification treatments, which will help you cleanse your body and enhance your well-being.

During your free time, you can explore the beauty and culture of Varkala, by visiting its temples, markets, and art galleries. You can also enjoy activities such as surfing, hiking, cycling, or boating. Or you can simply relax on the beach, watch the sunset, and listen to the waves.

This 14-day yoga retreat in Varkala is more than just a vacation. It is an opportunity to transform your body, mind, and soul. It is an opportunity to discover yourself and your true potential. It is an opportunity to make new friends and create lasting memories. It is an opportunity to experience the magic of yoga in one of the most enchanting places in India.


14-Day Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India


In recent years, the concept of wellness and holistic health has gained significant traction worldwide. People are seeking ways to rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and spirits to maintain a healthy balance in their lives. One such approach that has garnered attention is the Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India. This retreat offers a unique opportunity for participants to undergo an ancient Ayurvedic detoxification process called Panchakarma, combined with the practice of yoga in the serene and beautiful setting of Kerala.

Kerala, the Land of Ayurveda and Yoga

1.1 Overview of Kerala:
Kerala, often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” is a state located in the southwestern region of India. The state is renowned for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and traditional practices, such as Ayurveda and Yoga. The abundant greenery, backwaters, and serene beaches make Kerala an ideal destination for wellness retreats.

1.2 Ayurveda in Kerala:
Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old holistic healing system, originated in India and has been practiced in Kerala for centuries. The state is home to numerous Ayurvedic centers and practitioners, making it a popular destination for those seeking authentic Ayurvedic treatments.

1.3 Yoga in Kerala:
Yoga is another ancient practice that finds its roots in India. Kerala offers an immersive environment for practicing yoga, with its tranquil ambiance and peaceful surroundings, providing the ideal backdrop for spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

Panchakarma – The Ayurvedic Detoxification

2.1 Understanding Panchakarma:
Panchakarma is an integral part of Ayurveda and is a comprehensive detoxification process that aims to purify the body and mind. The treatment involves five therapeutic methods, namely Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purgation), Basti (enema), Nasya (nasal administration), and Raktamokshana (bloodletting). These procedures help eliminate accumulated toxins (ama) from the body and restore the body’s natural balance.

2.2 Benefits of Panchakarma:
The Panchakarma detox offers numerous benefits, such as improved digestion, enhanced immunity, reduced stress, relief from chronic ailments, and an overall sense of well-being. It is believed to be an effective preventive measure against various lifestyle diseases.

The 14-Day Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat 

3.1 Program Overview:
The 14-day Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala is a comprehensive program that combines the traditional Panchakarma detoxification process with daily yoga and meditation sessions. The retreat is typically conducted at an Ayurvedic wellness center or resort, nestled amidst the natural beauty of Kerala.

3.2 Pre-Retreat Consultation:
Before commencing the retreat, participants undergo a thorough consultation with experienced Ayurvedic physicians. This consultation helps identify individual body constitutions (doshas) and any specific health concerns or imbalances. Based on the assessment, personalized treatment plans are created for each participant.

3.3 Daily Schedule:
The retreat follows a structured daily schedule, which includes Panchakarma therapies, yoga sessions, meditation, herbal steam baths, and Ayurvedic meals. Each day is designed to promote detoxification, relaxation, and overall well-being.

3.4 Panchakarma Therapies:
During the retreat, participants undergo various panchakarma therapies based on their individual requirements. The therapies include:

3.4.1 Vamana: This therapy involves inducing therapeutic vomiting to eliminate excess mucus and toxins from the upper respiratory tract and stomach.

3.4.2 Virechana: Virechana therapy uses natural purgatives to cleanse the liver, gallbladder, and intestines, facilitating the elimination of accumulated toxins.

3.4.3 Basti: Basti, or medicated enema, helps in cleansing the colon and balancing the Vata dosha, one of the three fundamental energies in the body.

3.4.4 Nasya: Nasya involves administering herbal oils or medicated substances through the nasal passages to clear the respiratory system and enhance mental clarity.

3.4.5 Raktamokshana: Raktamokshana is a bloodletting therapy that aims to remove impurities from the blood, promoting better circulation and overall health.

3.5 Yoga and Meditation:

The retreat includes daily yoga and meditation sessions conducted by experienced yoga instructors. Yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation techniques are practiced to promote physical flexibility, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

3.6 Ayurvedic Diet:

As part of the retreat, participants are served wholesome Ayurvedic meals that are tailored to their dosha type and therapeutic needs. The Ayurvedic diet focuses on nourishing the body while supporting the detoxification process.

3.7 Free Time and Activities:

Participants also have some leisure time during the retreat to explore the local culture, enjoy nature walks, or simply relax and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings.

 Fees and Inclusions


4.1 Retreat Fees

The cost of the 14-day Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala varies based on factors such as the location of the retreat center, the amenities provided, the reputation of the center, and the level of personalized attention offered. On average, the fees for such a retreat range from $2,500 to $4,000 USD.

4.2 Inclusions:

The retreat fees usually cover the following:


  • Accommodations for the entire duration of the retreat
  • Ayurvedic consultations and personalized treatment plans
  • Panchakarma therapies as per the individual’s requirements
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • Ayurvedic meals and herbal teas
  • Educational sessions on Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle practices
  • Access to wellness facilities, such as herbal steam baths or swimming pools
  • Airport transfers, if included in the package


The 14-day Panchakarma Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India, offers a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the profound benefits of Ayurveda and yoga in a serene and authentic setting. Through the comprehensive Panchakarma detoxification process and daily yoga practices, participants can rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and spirits, ultimately promoting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. The experience of immersing oneself in Kerala’s natural beauty and ancient healing traditions makes this retreat a truly transformative and unforgettable journey toward holistic well-being.


  • Experience the ultimate mind-body healing
  • Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been
  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace
  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life
  • An amazing escape if you’re feeling stressed, tired, overworked, or just need a week to relax

What Makes This Retreat Special

The land is totally chemical-free, and the architecture is more than 75 percent made of natural materials. It is made with ultimate health concepts in mind. Using health laws from nature. Blending human art and the art of nature.



Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience not only for detoxifying the body but also for strengthening the immune system and restoring balance and well-being.

The word panchakarma itself means five therapeutic measures in Sanskrit. It includes five types of advanced treatments for evacuating the vitiated dosha from the body. It includes:

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Vasti
  • Nasya
  • Raktamoksha

Panchakarma can be administered both to a healthy and ailing person. In a healthy person, it has a preventive, restorative, and rejuvenating effect on the body, while for an ailing person it has curative benefits.

Panchakarma is the most effective way of ridding the body of harmful toxins and rejuvenating it to the deepest cellular level. It is a highly effective way of de-stressing and reversing the aging process. The most profound effect Panchakarma treatments offer is the manner in which they reconnect the individual to their true nature that is often obscured by stress and toxic accumulation.

The rebalancing that occurs in the nervous system is most noticeable, and the deep sense of feeling centered is often transformational. At times a few kilograms in weight are lost during treatment – a positive sign that toxins are indeed being removed.

The complete process consists of three steps: Poorvakarma, Pradhanakarma, and Paschatkarma.

Poorvakarma – Pre cleansing period

It is the preparatory procedure required before the main procedure to enable a person to receive the full benefits of the main treatment. This method helps to dislodge the accumulated doshas / poisonous substance from various parts of the body, thus helping to bring them to the kosha (alimentary canal / GI tract). This includes:

  • Pachana – To keep the digestive fire at its best. Achieved by oral medication.
  • Snehana – Oleation Therapy. It can be attained both externally and internally. External oleation therapies include various types of body therapies, like Abhyanga. Internal oleation can be also given through medicated ghee (snehapana). This therapy makes the body soft and helps to disintegrate the toxins.
  • Swedana – Sudation Therapy. This therapy liquefies the toxins and facilitates the movement of toxins into GI tract. Includes choornapinda swedam (podi kizhi), patrapotala swedam (ela kizhi), pizhichil, etc.

Pradhanakarma: cleaning period

This is the main part of Panchakarma. According to the strength of the patient and state of dosha vitiation, suitable elimination therapy is selected. They are of five types:

  • Vamana: Done if there is an increased level of Kapha dosha collected in the upper respiratory tract and body. Induced vomiting helps in clearing the upper GI tract till the duodenum and part of the respiratory tract.
  • Virechanam: Cleanses pitta dosha by clearing toxins from the body. Induced purgation clears the lower GI tract from the duodenum (end of stomach) to the anus.
  • Vasti – Considered the mother of panchakarma treatment and cleanses the accumulated toxins from all three doshas. good for all other ailments like abdominal flatulence, spleen diseases, indigestion, acidity, burning sensation, constipation, gynecological problems, urinary calculi, numbness, rectal pain, various type of arthritic problems, over appetite, dehydration, etc.
  • Nasya: administration of herbal preparations through the nostrils. It is the main treatment for diseases of the head and neck. This treatment is effective in diseases such as headache, facial palsy, discharge from the nose, throat diseases, mumps, epilepsy, skin diseases, discoloration, hair falling, and premature greying.
  • Raktamokham – Bloodletting in controlled amounts removes the vitiated blood from the body. It is a localized treatment. The extraction of vitiated blood is by using surgical instruments or other tools. Carefully controlled amounts of blood are removed to calm and balance pitta dosha.

Paschatkarma: post-cleansing period

Here, the cleansed body is slowly brought back to normal physiological condition and the final balancing of dosha is done by a specific dietary regimen and different medicines.

Sample daily schedule

  • 07:30–08:30 Yoga session
  • 08:30–09:30 Breakfast
  • 09:30: Lectures on Ayurveda
  • 10:00–12:30 Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor and Panchakarma Treatments
  • 1:00 Lunch
  • 2:00–16:00 Panchakarma Treatments, Sightseeing, Local Visits, Body and mind relaxation Time, and Outdoor activities
  • 4:30 Tea and snacks
  • 5:00 – 6:00 Yoga and meditation
  • 7:00 Dinner

The daily schedule will be provided after the daily consultation with the doctor.


During this retreat, you will enjoy delicious Ayurvedic and vegetarian meals, snacks, and juices. You will be provided with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:


Accommodation: AC Room

Shared twin room (1 Person)

15050 USD Sharing with another guest of the guest of the same gender (male or female).
Room facilities
Air-conditioned rooms Balcony Internet access Room cleaning Toiletries Towels Private bathroom Twin beds Shower

Private single room Retreat center

3050 USD ₹251,000
Single private room (1 person).
Air-conditioned rooms Balcony Internet access Room cleaning Toiletries Towels Private bathroom, Twin beds Shower.

Yoga teacher training course center trivandrum

Private double room

₹251,000 3050 USD
Private double room (2 people).
Air-conditioned rooms Balcony Internet access Room cleaning Toiletries Towels Private bathroom, Twin beds Shower.


What’s Included In This Package
Wifi connection
Daily yoga classes
Daily meditation classes
Welcome drink
Cooking class

What’s Not Included In This Package
Travel insurance
Flights cost
Visa fee
Additional activities not included in the itinerary

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